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I am Alzora Odhiambo born June 22nd  In my high school year book, I was named the Class Dreamer. I am the eldest of 14 children and was their care taker, and in my opinion, their protector. I am the mother of one son and grand mother to four grandchildren, two boys and two girls; they are my little angels.

I am the GOVERNOR representing the state of NJ for the organization INFINITY BUILDING ECONOMIC BLACK POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (IBE/B-PAC). I joined IBE/B-PAC in March of 2012. The IBE/B-PAC organization’s mission is to create jobs, business opportunities, affordable and decent housing, own our own textile factory, a national credit union and black national bank and more. This organization is a perfect match for my dreams and passions.

 I like to see and help children learn, and to keep them safe and happy.  I believe that the elderly should be living a comfortable life without struggling to survive. As you can see, my passion is helping children and the elderly, and I feel that IBE/B-PAC offers me that opportunity.

For more information about this organization, click on the TAKE ACTION NOW link at the top of the page.
Manufactured by Lizzie Laster, LASTER QUILTING ASSOCIATING
Our first family quilting group Feb. 26th, 2014
Laster Quilting Plus Association Group. Group members are, Lizzie P. Laster, Mother, born 10/07, 14 children,  of which 10 are still living, grands, great grands, great, great grands plus. Susie M. Owens, 2nd oldest, born July 21st mother  to  three children of which 2 are still living, 5 grands. Brenda G. Neil, 9th child, Born May 3rd mother to 4 Boys and 12 grands. Etoile Laster, 12th child, Born Feb 28th, Mother to 3 children, 1 girl and 2 boys. Jacksonville, Fla and Alzora Odhiambo Oldest, North Plainfield, NJ. 

My website will train you to build powerful, trusting relationships with loyal people. You will be able to build your leads list because you have shown that you have a servant’s heart

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want a job?

Do I need a job?

Do I need money?

How am I going to take care of myself?

Where can I find a job?

Where am I going to live?

How am I going to take care of my children?

How am I going to pay my rent?

Can I depend on someone else to employ me?

How much will I get paid?

Do I need a business?

How am I going to educate my children?

How can I own my own business?

Am I too old?

Are rich people looking for a job?

Do rich people leave an inheritance to their children?

Am I going to leave an inheritance for my children?


Join us!

We can build our own credit unions and banks (for black people).

We can build and open our own factories.

We can finance our homes and businesses.

We will employ ourselves and our children, using our money and common sense.

We can create our own jobs, helping to stop crime.

We have much work to do.

We could use your help. We need our own national communication system: TV stations and radio stations.

We need you to step up and get involved. Talk is cheap. If you are on the same page and want to create some jobs, you are welcome to join us. 

It’s time to STOP begging other folks. Yesterday is over and begging is obsolete.

It’s time for ACTION.

mean Jobs

JOBS mean MONEY, fewer hungry, fewer homeless and fewer crimes.

MONEY means a HOME of your own


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